Dj terry cornelius & dj phi-phi

I present “Out of Serie” Vol 2 with the collab of the legendary DJ Phi-Phi (Fra / Bel) for 2h10 of best progressive and techno

First part Dj Terry Cornelius

Second part (start at 1h12) Dj Phi-Phi in a progressive set

Some Words about Phi-Phi

He is a legendary DJ of the techno scene in Belgium and in the North of France.

He was the resident DJ of the biggest clubs in Belgium: At The Villa, Boccaccio, Extreme, Fuse … and he is invited as Guest Star DJ in many other place like Ibiza, Spain, Holland, Miami. .

He plays in more international festivals such as Tomorrowland, Legacy Festival …

He has also been a producer for more than 30 years in collab with Philippe Van Mullen (RIP my friend), Gregory Dewindt and Roddy Reynaert and more….

Phi-Phi creates a new musical concept  “Mouvement Perpétuel” in 2012.

“Mouvement Perpétuel” is a radio show broadcast every 4th Friday of the month at 18:00 on

You can find Phi-Phi on stage for Mouvement Perpétuel @ Ô Club Particulier evening on Saturday, February 9 th from 22:00 to 6:00 am: to 6:00 am

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